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Allison’s Story: Support for Parents

In 2007 my daughter was diagnosed with autism. Every day is a challenge for her and also for me as her parent and primary caregiver.

Health information technology has had a huge impact on us. For autism caregivers, today’s digital health platforms can offer the personalized tools, resources, and support they need to live healthier lives and, in turn, better care for those who depend on them. The caregiver’s own mental and physical well-being is often neglected, but these individuals need their strength to provide loved ones with the support they need — which is where new digital health technologies come in. Facebook and online autism support and information groups are great for meeting other parents with similar challenges and answering questions about autism. Digital games and apps help my daughter with areas she needs extra help in (social skills etc.). Telehealth is great for answering questions instead of sitting in the doctor office waiting room with long waiting times. Booking clinic times online is a handy health IT advance as well.

The most amazing health IT impact for us (so far), are digital conferences with an autism professional in Australia. We live in Ontario and without this IT advance we would not be able to go to Australia to see the professional. The conferences are set up in our pediatrician’s office and they are extremely informative and helpful. In conclusion health IT has had a positive impact on us and we look forward to seeing new advances in the future.

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