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Tracie’s Story: Gaining Support through an Online Community

On July 15th, 2012 I lost my partner of 23 years to bladder cancer on what was to be our wedding day. The following day my mom, the other closest person in my life was hospitalized and I lost her less than two months later. With few family members or friends to support me emotionally, I looked for a way to deal with my grief. Searching the internet I found the Virtual Hospice Society which I credit with saving my sanity and possibly my life.

I instantly found strangers who were also dealing with pain and loss and were so ready to welcome me and most importantly, understood the raw emotions and fear that I was feeling.

Through the tears and sorrow I formed friendships and soon found myself welcoming newcomers and offering them the same support that was given to me. The love, the unique bond, the understanding never ceases to amaze me and the friendships that I have found bring me strength when I feel like I can't go on. We are united as one in a way that others may not understand. We share the laughter, the tears, the good days and the bad and know that at any time all we have to do reach for our keyboards and someone will be there who will virtually hold us close and wipe away the tears. What a blessing this site has been.

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