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Trevor’s Story: Streamlining Communication

My father was diagnosed with a terminal multiforme glioblastoma tumour in April of 2012.
The diagnosing, hospital visits, chemotherapy, radiation, MRIs and all other tests were overwhelming in the beginning. So much information was being thrown our way that we were barely keeping our heads above water. The IT services provided to us at Sunnybrook Hospital throughout this long process has been able to alleviate much of the stress and pain of going through the struggle. Constant e mail communication between our oncologist and social worker has made communication between the hospital and us an ease.

Sending information when we needed, and not having to sit on hold for hours has streamlined the communication process. When things began taking a turn for the worse, we were able to book all of our necessary appointments online at a variety of hospitals without having to sit in an emergency room or see a doctor who knew nothing of my father's condition.

Being able to check online the status of radiation rooms beforehand saved us hours of waiting. When commuting from Brampton to Toronto during rush hour, we were glad that we did not have to sit inside a hospital because a machine was delayed because we had that information beforehand, had we lost those precious hours, multiplied by the amount of times we had to go for chemotherapy, I would have spent days and days less with my father, and I am glad to have had that time.

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