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Dr. Alan Barkun – Testimonial

Director of the Division of Gastroenterology in McGill University and at the McGill University Health Centre.

My involvement with digital health is twofold: first, as a Gastroenterologist; and second, as the McGill University Health Centre's Medical Information Officer. My role as a Medical Information Officer is to ensure the McGill University Health Centre has all the digital tools it requires to properly manage the health of its patients.

As a healthcare practitioner (HCP), digital health has made a huge difference in how I care for my patients. For example, digital health records allow for an easy transfer of patient information between HCP's, technicians and healthcare institutions. Furthermore, it guarantees me access to a patient's health record continually and from anywhere in the world, which allows for a continuity of patient care that would otherwise be unfeasible. Likewise, the option of ordering medication electronically has significantly decreased the possibility of medical errors, seeing as the requested treatment is cross-referenced with all the other medications the given patient is on. If not for digital health, it would be almost impossible to successfully manage the many treatments certain patients are on.

The reason I devoted part of my career to digital health is because I believed it would lead me to improve the quality of care for a large number of patients, more than I could operating on them one at a time as a Gastroenterologist. Through digital health, I believe we have the power to not only improve the care of a single patient, but rather the healthcare system as a whole and every patient it benefits.

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