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  • 4 Benefits of Interoperability in Healthcare

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    When it comes to digital health, few terms are as buzzy as “interoperability”. It’s an awkward word to say, but what does interoperability actually mean?

  • ACCESS 2022: Our Plan to Reclaim our Place as a Leader in Health Care

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    Canadians want a digital health system that is easier to navigate and more patient-centric. Which is why today, during Digital Health Week, we are proud to announce the launch of ACCESS 2022, a movement to inspire industry and all Canadians to work...

  • Blog Post: Apps, Mental Health Resources

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    Dr. Kendall Ho, Professor with University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine, often prescribes apps for his patients and has provided five tips to make choosing the best health app easy.

  • Blog Post: Digital Health Week Brings a Welcome Focus on Tech in Healthcare

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    Orion Health chief medical officer Dr. Chris Hobson shares examples of ways in which poor care coordination causes inefficient and ineffective care, and why IT is an essential part of the solution.

  • Building Partnerships, Ending "Pilotitis" and Solving the Citizen Identity Challenge All Key to Advancing Digital Health: Canada Health Infoway

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    Gevity recently spoke to Lynne Zucker, Infoway’s Executive Vice President, ACCESS Health, about the 2018 Infoway Partnership Conference, Digital Health Week 2018 and the current state of digital health in Canada.

  • Busting five digital health myths

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    Here are some common myths about digital health and the facts behind them.

  • Canada Health Infoway launches campaign to connect Canadians with digital health records

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    Today Canada Health Infoway launches a campaign, Access 2022, that will encourage health care systems across the country to provide digital access to health information and access to healthcare providers.

  • Celebrating Canadian Digital Healthcare Accomplishments

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    Read this blog post by Vice-President and Country Manager at Citrix Systems Michael Murphy on digital health in Canada.

  • Digital Health Week 2017: Electronic health record improves access to information

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    In this blog post, connecting South West Ontario (cSWO) Program Manager Karen Keith discusses using electronic health records to improve access to information.

  • Digital Health Week 2017: Electronic medical records support patient-centric care

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    Read this Digital Health Week guest post up on the eHealth Centre of Excellence blog from eCE Director Dr. Alarakhia on how EMRs can support patient-centric care.

  • Digital Health Week 2017: Improving transitions across the care continuum

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    Read this Digital Health Week guest post on the eHealth Centre of Excellence blog by System Coordinated Access (SCA) Program Manager Lori Moran on improving transitions across the care continuum.

  • Digital Health Week 2017: Interactive tablets can enhance patient experience

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    Read this blog post by QBIC (Quality Based Improvements in Care) Program Manager Danika Walden discussing how interactive tablets can enhance the patient experience.

  • Digital Health Week 2017: Virtual visits means better, more equitable access to healthcare

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    eCE Director Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia discusses the benefits of virtual visit in this blog post.

  • Digital Health Week with Dr. Darren Larsen

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    Dr. Darren Larsen, CMIO of OntarioMD, discusses the contributions of OntarioMD to digital health in its latest vlog entry as part of Digital Health Week.

  • Digital health: Transforming care and adding value

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    Read about some of the digital health initiatives being undertaken by Health Quality Ontario in this Digital Health Week blog post.

  • eHealth Centre of Excellence celebrates Digital Health Week!

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    To celebrate Digital Health Week, members of our eCE team will be hosting daily webinars.

  • Empowerment to the patient

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    Access to medical information and involvement in their own care improves Canadians' health.

  • Futurist Zayna Khayat: Creating the Future, Not Protecting the Past Key to Modernizing Canada’s Healthcare System

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    Zayna Khayat, a future strategist with SE Health, offers tips on how to stay on top of the latest developments in digital health and how we can create the future rather than protect the past.

  • HCLDR Tweet Chat: The Benefits of and Barriers to Digitally-Enabled Patient-Centred Care


    14 November 2018

    Download the chat transcript from the Tuesday, Nov. 13, tweet chat with the #HCLDR community as they discussed the Benefits of and Barriers to Digitally-enabled Patient-centred Care , focusing in on the following topic: T1: What’s your biggest...

  • How Digital Health is Making a Difference in 3 Care Settings

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    Each year, technological advances make healthcare delivery more convenient and efficient. Innovation makes medical information more accessible for health professionals, as well as patients and their families.

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