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Digital Health Week News

  • How digital health technology is helping families stay together

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    How can Digital Health tech help seniors stay healthy in remote communities?

  • Infoway Partnership Conference to emphasize access to digital health for Canadians, cybersecurity


    15 November 2017

    This year’s Infoway Partnership Conference has been designed to align with the next wave of the digital health journey, with themes that include the ability for all Canadians to access and manage health records digitally, in addition to interoperability.

  • OntarioMD’s EMR Quality Dashboard and the Important Role of Data Quality

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    At OntarioMD, we talk frequently about how we add value to the health care system by helping physicians and stakeholder partners realize digital health’s tremendous potential to improve efficiency, reduce wait times, and improve population health...

  • Patient Critical Co-op Podcast - Julie Drury: Caregiver & Patient Advocate

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    Julie Drury is a caregiver, patient advocate, bereaved mom, inaugural chair of the Ontario Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, a speaker & a runner. Julie occupies a unique intersection of patient and policymaking & shared her insights with...

  • Patient Critical Co-op Podcast: Aidan Scott: Build Digital Health for Everyone

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    Aidan Scott wants to make mental health and digital health more understood and accessible. He discusses the possibilities of digital health in overcoming limitations of our healthcare system, and the need for transparency, inclusivity and regulations to...

  • Patient Critical Co-op Podcast: Alisa Simon: Kids Help Phone & Digital Health

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    A conversation with KidsHelpPhone Vice President Alisa Simon (Service Innovation & Chief Youth Officer) about the evolution of Kids Help Phone into apps, online services & text-messaging in order to achieve their goal: to help children and youth in...

  • Patient Critical Co-op Podcast: PrescribeIT: Digital Prescriptions

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    Seema Nayani, practicing pharmacist & Pharmacist Leader at Canada Health Infoway working on PrescribeIT™ e-prescription service describes the goals, priorities & values behind PrescribeIT, a digital prescription system in Canada.

  • Reducing prescription errors, fraud, and opioid abuse with PrescribeIT

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    Prescription drug abuse is now a leading public health and safety concern in Canada. That's why handwritten prescriptions or faxes of them not only are archaic, but are potentially dangerous

  • Remote Patient Monitoring: Less ER, More Peace-of-mind

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    Three years after the release of a pan-Canadian study about Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) commissioned by Canada Health Infoway (Infoway), Nancy Huyck from Dorchester Ontario credits the innovation with keeping her away from the emergency room (ER).

  • Tele-health services support children province-wide

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    When a 10-year-old girl arrived febrile, lethargic and coughing up blood at R.W. Large Memorial Hospital in Bella Bella recently, it’s unlikely her parents knew about the recent expansion of tele-health service connections to BC Children’s Hospital.

  • TeleStroke allows faster, better treatment

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    Program on track to handle 120 calls this fiscal year, doctor says.

  • The Power of Digital Health: How technology is enhancing the patient experience

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    Across Canada, digital health is transforming the way people receive health care. Digital tools and apps are changing how patients and physicians interact.

  • Women Leaders in Digital Health Award

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    View the top 10 2017 Women Leaders in Digital Health Award winners.

How Technology is Transforming Health Care

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