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Patient Empowerment

  • 2015 Digital Health Week: Past Events

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    Many interactive events took place during Digital Health Week, November 16-22, 2015. View videos and transcripts from our webinars, public forums and tweet chats. Using Digital Health towards Better Health This webinar will highlight work that Canada...

  • Alexa's Story: Patient Empowerment

    Alexa has used digital health for the management of chronic conditions, and appreciates that through digital health, she is more empowered when working with her health care team.

  • Alexa's Story: Working in Partnership with Your Health Provider

    Alexa uses digital health to manage her health in partnership with her health care team. Digital health enables her to not only see her health information, but to enter her own data. Find out more about her story.

  • Better Health Together Workshop: The Citizens’ Vision for Better Health through Digital Solutions


    05 June 2017

    This document is an output from the Better Health Together Workshop, held in March 2017, which brought together 34 citizen participants from across Canada. By partaking in a series of collaborative activities and expert presentations, the participants...

  • Blog Post: Canadians are Embracing Digital Health

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    Canadians are no strangers to the virtual world, with a Canadian user visiting an average of 3,731 pages every month. It's no surprise, then that Canadians also head online for health information, and, in fact, 72 per cent of family physicians refer...

  • Blog Post: Digital Health Is Transforming My Experience as a Patient

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    The ability to better track my health and wellness as a core member of my care team is paramount.

  • Blog Post: e-Booking: A Relatively Simple Concept that Can Make a Big Difference (Part 2 of 2)

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    e-Booking solutions can let patients book their own appointments, in a matter of seconds and at their own convenience.

  • Blog Post: EMR Adoption and Patient Empowerment among Top Digital Health Successes for 2014

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    2014 will be remembered as the year the patient movement really gained significant traction. Electronic medical record adoption also increased, with 77 per cent of Canadian primary care physicians using community based EMRs.

  • Blog Post: Greg’s Story: Digital Health and Continuity of Patient Care

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    Greg Price was a young man who died in 2012 after spending much of the previous year navigating a disconnected health care system.

  • Blog Post: Has Anyone Asked the Patient?

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    Patients’ needs are as important as clinicians’ needs when it comes to digital health, so the question remains, has anyone asked patients what they want. The answer is, “YES!”

  • Blog Post: Infographic Examines Benefits of e-Booking for Patients, Clinics

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    Giving patients the ability to e-book their own medical appointments can benefit both patients and clinicians.

  • Blog Post: Infoway’s Patient Engagement Framework Helps Us Connect with Patients and Consumers

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    Digital health technologies have the potential to transform the patient experience and improve patient outcomes — but to do so, they need to be designed with the patient in mind. This is why engaging with consumers and patients is a vital part of what...

  • Blog Post: Innovations Like the Breathe App Help Those with Asthma Manage Their Condition

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    Created by the Ontario Lung Association with support from Infoway, the app helps asthma patients monitor and manage their condition.

  • Blog Post: Personalizing Health Systems Through Digital Health

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    A recent paper by Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation, “It’s All About Me: The Personalization of Health Systems” discusses the importance of personalizing health systems.

  • Blog Post: Talking to Your Patient About Digital Health

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    As physicians, we can harness our knowledge of digital health technologies to give patients a framework for understanding how their health information is currently managed, and crucially, how patients can manage it themselves.

  • Blog Post: What Would You Do with More Time?

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    Canadians could save millions of hours a year if they had more access to digital health tools, but only one in 10 Canadians currently has access to patient services online, such as e-booking, accessing test results or e-visits.

  • Breathe: A Canadian Asthma App

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    To help asthma patients better manage their condition, the Ontario Lung Association has developed breathe – a mobile app that helps people with asthma track their symptoms, triggers and medication usage, and provides them with an Action Plan generated...

  • Cathy's Story: Co-ordinating Care

    Hear from Cathy who uses a variety of digital health tools to help proactively manage her care, and the care for her family.

  • Cheryl-Anne's Story: Becoming an Informed Patient

    Listen to Cheryl-Anne's story as she explains the benefits of digital health tools when managing her cancer journey. Digital health helped empower her as a patient by helping her keep track of a complex disease and to stay in touch with her health care...

  • Diagnosis and Treatment

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    Electronic health records (EHRs) can help your health care provider make a timelier and better informed diagnosis by having easy access to a comprehensive picture of your health history. Think Digital Health isn’t Making a Difference? Think Again....

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