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  • Judith’s Story: Becoming a Partner in Your Care

    Learn how private and secure electronic access to her health information empowered Judith and her family during her battle with cancer.

  • Isabelle’s Story: e-Booking Medical Appointments

    As a busy mom with a full-time job, Isabelle appreciates being able to book appointments online, allowing her faster access to a physician.

  • Dr. Tunji Fatoye's Story: Improving Patient Safety

    Instant access to patient records, medications and hospital visits allows him to see the right information at the right time, keeping patients safer.

  • Dr. Marie-Andrée Fortin's Story: Confidence and Collaboration

    Listen to the experience of Dr. Marie-Andrée Fortin, the head of the radio-oncology department at the Centre intégré de cancérologie de Laval (CICL), on how the clinic's implementation of digital health tools are improving the patient-provider...

  • Dr. Kendall Ho's Story: Treatment in Emergency Situations

    The ability to access a patient’s electronic record online helped Dr. Ho better understand the medical problems his patient was facing.

  • Dr. Alex Summers’s Story: Making Informed Decisions

    Dr. Alex Summers uses electronic medical records in the emergency department, allowing him to more efficiently communicate with colleagues and keep track of patients’ care.

  • Donna's Story: Faster Care in Emergency Situations

    Donna first experienced the benefits of digital health when her father was in the emergency room. Learn why Donna credits digital health for her father’s health today.

  • Denice's Story: Connecting with an Online Community

    Watch Denice discuss the online support that she received after the death of her teenage son, and how using digital health tools has had a positive impact on her overall health and wellness.

  • Cheryl-Anne's Story: Becoming an Informed Patient

    The ability to access her health record helped Cheryl-Anne become a full, participating and engaged patient and helped her reduce her anxiety in her battle against cancer.

  • Cheryl's Story: Collaboration between Care Teams

    Learn how Cheryl, a mother with a young daughter with special needs, makes her visits with health care providers more efficient through the use of electronic health records. Digital health enables the multiple health care providers to see a...

  • Cathy's Story: Co-ordinating Care

    Hear from Cathy who uses a variety of digital health tools to help proactively manage her care, and the care for her family.

  • Brian's Story: Convenience

    Digital health benefits Brian by providing convenient access through electronic prescription renewals, but also allowing him to feel more engaged in his care.

  • Brian's Story: e-Prescribing

    Digital health facilitates communications between his doctor and pharmacist and means more convenience for him.

  • Anna's Story: Treating Patients Who Can’t Advocate for Themselves

    As an EMS worker with Toronto Paramedic Services, Anna believes MedicAlert Digital Health Records are important because they give her access to the most pertinent information when patients aren’t able to properly communicate for themselves.

  • Alexa's Story: Patient Empowerment

    Digital health allows Alexa to access her test results online, enabling her to feel like a partner in her own care.

  • Aaron’s Story: Saving Time Through e-Booking

    Web page
    In this video provided by the University of British Columbia, Aaron is a busy student juggling many demands on his time, so he takes advantage of e-booking when he needs to make an appointment with his family doctor....

  • Blog Post: Going from Paper to Digital Enables Quick Access to Immunization Records

    External Web page
    With some vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles making a resurgence, quick and easy access to immunization records is more important than ever before.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador’s Story: Improving the Quality of Care

    External Web page
    Hear from Mike Barron, President & CEO at the Newfoundland Centre for Health Information, on how providing quality information to health professionals, the public, researchers and health system decision-makers allows for more timely and complete patient...

  • From Paper to Digital: Childhood Immunization Records

    External Web page
    The Panorama public health surveillance tool has given Holly Tronson, from Westbank First Nation in British Columbia, the reassurance of knowing that her children's immunization records are available digitally and can be retrieved easily and quickly by...

  • Breathe: A Canadian Asthma App

    External Web page
    To help asthma patients better manage their condition, the Ontario Lung Association has developed breathe – a mobile app that helps people with asthma track their symptoms, triggers and medication usage, and provides them with an Action Plan generated...

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