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Your Results for Patient Empowerment

  • Blog Post: There’s a New Normal for Congestive Heart Failure Patients: Fewer Hospital & ED Admissions

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    Those suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF) and other chronic conditions can now be truly empowered by receiving individualized care and just in time education in their own home, which leads to a significant reduction in hospital and emergency...

  • Blog Post: Nova Scotia Online Patient Portal Leading the Way

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    MyHealthNS is a secure online patient portal that enables patients and doctors in Nova Scotia to share information, including routine test results.

  • Blog Post: Infoway’s Patient Engagement Framework Helps Us Connect with Patients and Consumers

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    Digital health technologies have the potential to transform the patient experience and improve patient outcomes — but to do so, they need to be designed with the patient in mind. This is why engaging with consumers and patients is a vital part of what...

  • Blog Post: Bridging Distances through Telehealth

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    Geography doesn’t have to be a factor anymore in the level of care a patient receives, and that’s both good for patients and the health care system.

  • Blog Post: Talking to Your Patient About Digital Health

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    As physicians, we can harness our knowledge of digital health technologies to give patients a framework for understanding how their health information is currently managed, and crucially, how patients can manage it themselves.

  • Innovation in Health Care

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    Innovation can be a small change that simplifies everyday tasks or it can be a big change that completely transforms the way we do something. It’s defined by the Council of Canadian Academies as “new or better ways of doing valued things,” and...

  • Blog Post: Canadians are Embracing Digital Health

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    Canadians are no strangers to the virtual world, with a Canadian user visiting an average of 3,731 pages every month. It's no surprise, then that Canadians also head online for health information, and, in fact, 72 per cent of family physicians refer...

  • Report on Digital Health: Canadians Embracing Digital Health

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    National Post — Technology has permeated every aspect of Canadians’ lives. And they want the same convenience in their health care through access to digital health solutions.

  • HCSMCA Tweet Chat: Patients, Providers and the Future of Health Care


    19 November 2015

    Missed the tweet chat? Read the transcript of the Health Care Social Media Canada (HCSMCA) community's discussion how digital health is changing the patient-provider relationship and enabling patients to be an equal partner in their own care.

  • Infographic: Report on Digital Health: Canadians embracing digital health

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    Infographic showing statistics and testimonials about how Canadians are using technology and digital health tools to improve their health and health care.

  • Digital Health at Work at Group Health Centre

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    Group Health Centre is improving patient care by using digital health.

  • Digital Health for Consumers is the Next Major Step

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    Hospital News, November 2015 — The benefits associated with the use of digital health, such as improved patient outcomes, efficiencies and improved access to care, are becoming a core part of day-to-day hospital care. Now is the time to focus on...

  • 2015 Digital Health Week: Past Events

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    Many interactive events took place during Digital Health Week, November 16-22, 2015. View videos and transcripts from our webinars, public forums and tweet chats. Using Digital Health towards Better Health This webinar will highlight work that Canada...

  • Digital Health Week Events

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    During Digital Health Week 2016 (November 14-20), Canadians joined the Better Health Together community of Supporting Organizations for a conversation about digital health. Throughout the week, clinicians, patients, caregivers, governments, associations...

  • Knowing the Plan for Clinicians

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    This animated video provides an overview of the Canada-wide initiative and progress for a network of interconnected point-of-care and electronic health record systems. A patient scenario demonstrates how information and communication technology will...

  • From Paper to Digital: Childhood Immunization Records

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    The Panorama public health surveillance tool has given Holly Tronson, from Westbank First Nation in British Columbia, the reassurance of knowing that her children's immunization records are available digitally and can be retrieved easily and quickly by...

  • Infographic: The Value of e-Booking

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    The following resources on the value of e-booking are available to assist clinicians and practices in their planning, implementation and sustained use of e-booking or other consumer health solutions.

  • Breathe: A Canadian Asthma App

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    To help asthma patients better manage their condition, the Ontario Lung Association has developed breathe – a mobile app that helps people with asthma track their symptoms, triggers and medication usage, and provides them with an Action Plan generated...

  • Greg’s Story: Digital Health and Continuity of Patient Care

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    Greg Price was a young man from Alberta who died in 2012 after spending much of the previous year navigating a disconnected health care system. His care providers had good intentions, but there were multiple breaks in communication that caused...

  • Whiteboard Animation: Saving Time with Digital Health Tools

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    A new whiteboard animation examines findings from a Conference Board of Canada report that looked into how much time people could save if they had access to digital health.

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